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Created 19-Oct-14
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A selection of images during a Nordurflug helicopter trip from Reykjavik on the afternoon of October 17, 2014 to the massive fissure eruption at Holuhraun, Iceland. Most images are taken looking south or southwest at the most active and largest vent.
Holuhraun Eruption 1Holuhraun Eruption 2Holuhraun Eruption 3Holuhraun Eruption 4Holuhraun Eruption 5Holuhraun Eruption 6Holuhraun Eruption 7Holuhraun Eruption 8Holuhraun Eruption 9Holuhraun Eruption 10Holuhraun Eruption 11Holuhraun Eruption 12Holuhraun Eruption 13Holuhraun Eruption 14Holuhraun Eruption 15Holuhraun Eruption 16Holuhraun Eruption 17Holuhraun Eruption 18

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