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Created 23-Jul-13
81 photos

Silversword Blooming Under the Milky WayCreationMakani Kai BlazerSilversword and MeteorKaneohe Morning'I'iwiKaneohe ReflectionsLanikai SunriseNorth Shore FireX Morning 1Makapu'u MorningPier DawnCalm MorningMoke RainbowCreation'Apapane on OhiaMilky Way over Makapu'uEmerald Sunset'I'iwiHalemaumau

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Guestbook for Hawaii
Mark Herb(non-registered)
Wonderful pictures. I have been to Hawaii several times and shot several 35mm. rolls each visit.

Your work captures the feel of Hawaii better than anything I have. Now I have the urge to go again but the money is just not there at this time. If you go again I would love to be your equipment caddy! A one way airline ticket would cover my fee. :-]
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